Giant White Wedding Dreamcatcher Set of 5


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This set of 5 wedding dreamcatchers features white lace, white velvet ribbon, white satin ribbon and lovely white doilies.


This gorgeous dreamcatcher can be featured as the backdrop for your wedding, bridal shower or even your wedding or engagement photos! After the big day is done, you’ll still have this lovely set of 5 dreamcatchers to feature on your wall as a constant reminder of the best day of your life.

This handmade dreamcatcher is also a great gift for any free spirited person in your life!


Diameter: Approx 19in
Length: Approx 48in

Diameter: Approx 14in
Length: Approx 39in

Diameter: Approx 12in
Length: Approx 27in

Diameter: Approx 10in
Length: Approx 32in

Diameter: Approx 8in
Length: Approx 24in


Satin Ribbon
Velvet Ribbon
White Lace
Eyelash Yarn
White Doilies


Please message me to place a custom order. I will be happy to discuss different colors, sizes or packages.

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