Chandelier Dreamcatcher with Crystals Sacral Chakra


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This gorgeous chandelier suncatcher dreamcatcher features several beautiful crystals that shoot little rainbows all of the place when the sun hits them. The chains have crystal connectors and two strands feature sacral chakra charms.

Our Sacral chakra is the center of our passion, sensation, feelings, emotions, pleasure, intimacy, connections, movement, and change.


Use this gorgeous suncatcher to heal your Sacral chakra by associating it with affirmations such as:
I trust my feelings. I trust myself.
I allow my creativity to flow freely.

There are many complementary therapies that aim to heal and balance the sacral chakra, including meditation, affirmations, and working with essential oils and crystals.

This handmade suncatcher dreamcatcher is a great gift for any free spirited person in your life!


Top to Bottom: approx 26.5 inches
Diameter of the hoop: approx 12 inches


Please message me to place a custom order. I will be happy to discuss different colors, sizes or packages.

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